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Energy Efficient Windows in Augusta, ME

Enhance your home with Renewal by Andersen Acclaim™ energy efficient windows in Augusta, Maine. Energy-efficient windows significantly lower your energy costs by better regulating the heat loss and heat gain allowed inside your home.

Efficient windows in Augusta keep your heating system from overworking each winter and wearing out early. Even though homeowners experience over sixty inches of snow each year, Renewal by Andersen windows are designed to withstand the weather conditions.

Update or Replace Existing Windows

Evaluating your current windows is the first step when considering an update or a complete window replacement. If your window has been replaced within the last twenty years, you may simply need a few updates to boost its energy efficiency capabilities. Weatherstripping or caulking are common temporary fixes you could apply. Older windows, drafty windows, and deteriorating windows will likely need to be replaced with energy efficient windows.

Window Frames

The best insulating window frame material is a composite material. According to the Department of Energy, composite materials combine often wood and vinyl, providing better thermal properties and moisture resistance.

Renewal by Andersen® windows made with Fibrex® material: no cracking, peeling, or chipping – even after more than two decades of extreme weather. After thorough testing in Minnesota winters, a set of 10 double hung windows were found to perform as well as they did the day we installed them.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Glass has a significant effect on how energy efficient your window truly can be. You can start with replacing single pane windows with double- or triple-pane windows. These multi-pane windows provide more layers for sunlight to penetrate. Renewal by Andersen also fills the in between space with argon gas, which is known to add insultation.

Choosing the best glazing is also particularly important. For Augusta homeowners, our classic High-Performance Low-E4 may be the best option for your climate. High-Performance Low-E4® glass is 47% more energy efficient in winter as compared to ordinary dual-pane glass. With glasses like this, Renewal by Andersen® windows can help you save money on your energy bills.

Operating Types

Whether you’re looking for windows styles for operation or you want a fixed window, Renewal by Andersen has energy efficient solutions for your home. In Augusta, homeowners often live in bungalows or coastal cottages. These architectural lend to awning windows, casement windows, and double hung windows.

All the operating windows are designed to help homeowners control the ventilation in their home during the warm months. Each of these styles is built to withstand coastal breezes, tightly sealing when closed.

If you’re more interested in fixed windows, Renewal by Anderse picture windows or specialty windows may be the best option for you. Each is designed to full frame your view, incorporating energy efficient glass to protect your home from drafts and leaks.


Experience a hassle-free window replacement with Renewal by Andersen. From a window design consultation to post-installation customer care, homeowners love the one-company accountability of our full-service process. Our trained Certified Master Installers replace your windows efficiently to avoid taking up more of your time than is necessary. During the installation process, we ensure that the window fits and functions properly before we leave the property. Professional installation contributes to avoiding drafts and leaks, leaving homeowners with peace of mind.

Confidence of ENERGY STAR® Rated Windows

ENERGY STAR® is a program out of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps homeowners reduce their energy use and costs with sustainable windows in Augusta. An ENERGY STAR® window is certified when it meets or exceeds energy performance standards in Maine. Replacing outdated windows with ENERGY STAR certified ones can reduce household energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide.

Renewal by Andersen Sustainability

Renewal by Andersen exercises sustainability and limits our environmental impact. Acclaim™ windows are assembled with 100% renewable energy. Our energy efficient windows in Augusta are also built with Fibrex® material. This composite material combines recycled wood and vinyl to outperform and outlast standard vinyl windows.. IN various areas of our company practices including installation, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and to recycle eligible materials.

Cost Savings

Investing in energy-efficient windows offers significant cost savings over time. Lowering utility bills and stopping overuse of your heating and cooling system are the top benefits of installing energy efficient windows in Augusta. Energy-efficient windows protect your indoor temperature without constantly running the heater in the winter.

In addition to the natural savings that come with energy efficient windows, Renewal by Andersen windows are an investment in premium windows with financing options and special offers available based on our local office.

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